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    biomedics toric lenses
    Biomedics Toric Lenses EGP 750

    If you want to wear corrective lenses due of astigmatism, the Biomedics Toric for Astigmatism are the clear contact lenses  for you. Biomedics Toric’s accelerated stabilisation mechanism resolves this, because the uneven curving of the eye that defines Astigma may have made the placement of contact lenses difficult throughout history. These lenses won’t rotate quickly if you blink or move your eyeballs. You will not worry about a blurry eyesight as you practice. The technique is intended to prevent dullness and eye irritation. Biomedics Toric astigmatism lenses can aid persons with astigmatism in their eyesight.

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    biomedics 1 day
    Biomedics 1 Day From: EGP 1,100

    30 daily disposable contact lenses

    CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day contact lenses are a daily-usage lens which gives the users a range of advantages that require less maintenance than monthly options in a simple and disposable way. Biomedics 1 day as a daily use contact lens reduces the requirement for maintenance and storage over the night, making it an excellent alternative for those who are struggling with or often forgeting this step. Biomedics 1 Day lenses offer high moisture content with a water content of 55 percent to keep your eyes healthier. Biomedics 1 day contact lenses provide a more pleasant base curve, a more solid and secure fit with special base curve choices.

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    biomedics 55 evolution asphere
    Biomedics 55 Evolution Asphere From: EGP 1,000

    Box of 6 contact lenses

    Designed for the protection of the eyes from dust and particles. with smooth surface. Biomedics  lenses have a UV filter, which helps protect your eyes against dangerous sun rays. Biomedics lenses have a more robust aspherical design, provide an unbroken sight and rectification for its wearers. With a convenient blue visibility dye which makes it simple to look over those lenses when they are placed in, Biomedics contact lenses are straightforward to use and fit. The Biomedics lenses must be removed, disinfected and properly kept overnight after every day of usage like a monthly contact lens.  CooperVision contact lens Biomedics Lenses is developed for convenience.

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    coopervision biomedics 55 evolution asphere
    Coopervision Biomedics 55 Evolution Asphere 3 lenses From: EGP 500

    3 contact lenses

    Designed for the protection of the eyes from dust and particles.

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