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Acuvue Oaysis Toric

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The contact lenses  Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism are for you if you did not think that you could use corrective lenses due to astigmatism. The uneven eye curvature that distinguishes astigma may have made it difficult to locate contact lenses throughout history, but this problem is solved by the technology Acuvue’s Accelerated Stabilization Design. These lenses will not spin fast if you blink or move your eyes, and you won’t be worried about blurred eyesight when you are active. Technology from Hydraclear Plus helps minimise drizzle, keep your eyes moist and free from irritation. Acuvue Oasys Toric lenses for astigmatism that helps enhance vision for astigmatic people. Wearers praise them as “really comfortable,” “truly efficient” and “excellent for lengthy wear.”

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  • Acuvue Oaysis Toric

    Acuvue Oaysis Toric

    Original price was: EGP 850.Current price is: EGP 750.

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      Acuvue Oaysis Toric

      Acuvue Oaysis Toric

      Original price was: EGP 850.Current price is: EGP 750.

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      Acuvue Oaysis Toric is the ultimate solution for a clear, comfortable vision for astigmatism. These lenses are designed to
      provide a better performance as well as ensuring an easy and hassle-free wearing experience for you.


      Advantage Of Acuvue Oaysis Toric:

      First; Astigmatism Correction: Acuvue Oaysis Toric lenses designed with advanced technologies to correct astigmatism
      and provide clear vision.


      Second; Enjoy a stable as well as Consistent Vision: The Lenses designed to help you maintain lens stability on your eye,
      and ensure consistent and clear vision throughout the day.


      Third; UV Protection: Acuvue Oaysis Toric lenses provide you a high UV protection alongside with protecting your eyes from potential damage caused by ultraviolet rays.


      Forth; Wide Range of Parameters: You can find it in a wide range of parameters to find the suitable lenses for you.


      Fifth; Exceptional Comfort: Keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable,
      when you use Acuvue Oaysis Toric lenses you will feel your eyes fresh and reduce dryness.  


      Sixth; It is Breathable & Healthy: Acuvue Lenses are made from a highly material that allows you wide oxygen
      permeability to reach your cornea safely as well as reducing the risk of eye redness or irritation.


      Finally; Packaging: You can get it with per box or lens, each box contains 6 lenses.


      Safety Precautions When Using Lenses:

      • Consult an ophthalmologist for your eyes safety.
      • Check the wearing schedule as well as making sure to replace it on time.
      • Do not share your lenses with others.
      • Check the expiry date of the lenses.  
      • Don’t wear your lenses while sleeping.
      • You can wear these lenses for up to 6 nights and 7 days continuously.


      Consider These Points Before Using lenses:

      • Make sure that your hands are clean and dry.
      • Avoid using lenses if you noticed any damage.
      • Finally, clean and store your lenses properly in a safe place.


      Order your lenses now, and enjoy a clear vision. 


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      • Authorized Bausch + Lomb Retailer
      • Lenses Per Box: 6
      • Replacement Schedule: Monthly
      • Material: 54% samfilcon A
      • Water Content: 46%

      Acuvue Oaysis Toric


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