Acuvue Oaysis Contacts -

Acuvue Oaysis Contacts

Original price was: EGP 1,900.Current price is: EGP 1,750.

Box of 6 contact lenses

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with Hydraclear Plus offer a comfortable experience in the use of the contact lens. These lenses have been created with Hydraclear Plus technology to keep your eyes moist and comfy all day long.

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  • acuvue oaysis contacts

    Acuvue Oaysis Contacts

    Original price was: EGP 1,900.Current price is: EGP 1,750.

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      acuvue oaysis contacts

      Acuvue Oaysis Contacts

      Original price was: EGP 1,900.Current price is: EGP 1,750.

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      Acuvue Oaysis Contacts:

       If you have dry eyes, Acuvue Oaysis contacts lenses from Ewink are designed to provide you all-day comfort and performance.

      These lenses are made with high technology, which helps to keep your eyes moisture and hydrated throughout your day.

      Advantages of Acuvue Oaysis Contacts Lenses:

      First; Comfort: keep your eyes moisturized even in challenging environments
      like air-conditioned offices or during extended digital device use.
      Oaysis lenses are your ideal option with a high level of moisture throughout your day
      and provide exceptional comfort for your eyes.

      Second; Breathability: These lenses allow more oxygen to reach your eyes for optimal breathability and to promote your eyes to be healthier.

      Third; UV Protection: Acuvue Oaysis contacts lenses are designed with UV-blocking technology,
      which helps to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

      Forth; Smooth and Moisturizing: The lens surface of Acuvue Oaysis lenses is designed to be smooth,
      reducing friction between the lens and the eyelid which helps you to prevent discomfort
      and irritation caused by lens deposits.

      Fifth; Astigmatism and Presbyopia Options: Acuvue Oaysis lenses are available
      also for
      Acuvue Oaysis Toric versions which are suitable for you if you have astigmatism.

      Sixth; Wide Range of Parameters: Get your lenses that are suitable for you,
      there are a wide range of parameters and different powers.

      Finally; Stable and Consistent Vision: You can wear Acuvue Oaysis lenses and ensure consistent and better vision all day.


      Pick your ideal lenses and more lenses from Ewink such as Biomedics 55 Evolution asphere
      and new
      colored lenses from here

      Safety Precautions When Using Lenses:

      • Consult your doctor for suitable lenses.
      • Follow the replacement time accurately.
      • Check the expiry date of the lenses.  

      Consider These Points Before Using Lenses:

      • Wash and dry your hands carefully.
      • Do not wear your lenses when you find any damages on them.

      If you are looking for a comfortable and high-performing contact lens,
      Oaysis Contacts is a great option to consider.

      Order your lenses now and enjoy having a better vision today!

      • Authorized Bausch + Lomb Retailer
      • Lenses Per Box: 6
      • Replacement Schedule: Monthly
      • Material: 54% samfilcon A
      • Water Content: 46%

      Acuvue Oaysis


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