Dahab Gold Argan One Day Contact lenses

Dahab Gold Argan One Day Contact lenses

EGP 220


Embrace the allure of Dahab Gold Argan One Day contact lenses and let your eyes shine with breathtaking beauty. Order your pair today and step into a world of enchantment.

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  • Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Argan ( One Day )

    Dahab Gold Argan One Day Contact lenses

    EGP 220

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      Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Argan ( One Day )

      Dahab Gold Argan One Day Contact lenses

      EGP 220

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      Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Argan One Day:

      Feel more confident and beautiful with Dahab contact lenses gold argan one day.

      These are daily, disposable color contact lenses that will add a stunning gold color to your eyes.
      Moreover, these lenses are designed to blend in perfectly with your natural eye color for a natural-looking finish. 

      They are composed of a soft, breathable material for all-day comfort.

      Features of Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Argan One Day:


      • Gold Argan Color: Dahab Gold Argan is the ideal way to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look. 
      • Natural-Looking Finish: Your eyes will always look their best due to the natural-looking finish.
      • Comfort and Convenience: Dahab gold argan are made of soft,
        breathable material for comfortable wear all day.
        Moreover, you won’t have to stress about keeping them tidy and in good shape
        at the end of the day because they are disposable.
      • Perfect For Any Occasion: In conclusion, Dahab gold argan one day is a great option
        if you want to glam up your everyday appearance or are dressing up for a particular event.

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      Dahab contact lenses gold sky one day.


      How To Use:

      • Give your hands a good scrubbing with soap and water.
      • To dry your hands, use a towel free of lint, for instance.
      • After that, remove a single contact lens from its housing.
      • Place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger.
      • Using the other hand, gradually drop your lower eyelid.
      • Use your index finger to slightly raise your upper eyelid.
      • In the centre of your eye, gently insert the contact lens.
      • Hold off on closing your eyelids as you wait for the contact lens to snap into place.
      • Repeat steps 3–8 for the other eye.



      • If you feel any irritation or discomfort, take out your contact lenses right once and see your eye doctor.
      • Also, never leave your contact lenses on for longer than is advised.
      • Finally, never go to sleep with your contact lenses on.

      Order your Dahab contact lenses gold argan one day now and experience the difference!

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      Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Argan ( One Day )

      • ADORE Contact Lenses
      • Lenses Per Box: 2
      • Replacement Schedule: 3 Month
      • Material: 62% Polymacon
      • Water Content: 38%

      Dahab, One Day


      2 Lenses

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