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Dahab Gold Smokey One Day Contact lenses

EGP 250


Embrace the allure of Dahab Gold Smokey One Day contact lenses and let your eyes shine with breathtaking beauty. Order your pair today and step into a world of enchantment.

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  • dahab contact lenses ( gold smokey )

    Dahab Gold Smokey One Day Contact lenses

    EGP 250

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      dahab contact lenses ( gold smokey )

      Dahab Gold Smokey One Day Contact lenses

      EGP 250

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      Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Smokey:

      Dahab contact lenses gold smoky add a unique sparkle to your eyes!

      This natural-colored lens is ideal for you if you have dark eyes. 

      Dahab Smokey is the color to choose if you want naturally light gray eyes.
      This cosmetic lens
      has a delicate gray limbal ring and transforms into the ideal shade of honey close to the center.
      To finish your look, put them on during the day and into the evening. 

      Why Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Smokey?

      Dahab contact lenses gold smokey are a stunning pair of colored contact lenses that will enhance
      your natural eye color and give you a glamorous look.

      The lenses feature a unique combination of gold and smoky gray tones that create a subtle yet eye-catching effect.

      You can find more colored lenses like lydia monthly contact lenses grey pearl.

      Material: Dahab contact lenses gold smokey are made from high-quality materials and designed
      to be comfortable to wear all day long. 

      The lenses are also breathable and allow oxygen to pass through to your eyes,
      keeping them healthy and hydrated.

      Perfect For: Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add a touch of glamor
      to your everyday look, Dahab contact lens gold smokey is your perfect choice.

      Features of Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Smokey:

      • Unique gold and smoky gray tones.
      • Comfortable to wear all day long.
      • Breathable and allows oxygen to pass through to the eyes.
      • Made from high-quality materials.

      How to Use:

      1. With soap and water, give your hands a thorough cleaning.
      2. Use a lint-free towel to dry your hands.
      3. Take one contact lens out of the case.
      4. On the tip of your index finger, place the contact lens.
      5. Pull your lower eyelid down slowly with your other hand.
      6. To gently elevate your upper eyelid, use your index finger.
      7. Place the contact lens gently in the middle of your eye.
      8. Let go of your eyelids and wait for the contact lens to firmly land in place.
      9. For the other eye, repeat steps 3–8 again.


      •  Remove your contact lenses immediately and consult with your eye doctor if you experience any discomfort or irritation.
      • Do not wear your contact lenses for longer than the recommended wearing time.
      • Do not sleep while wearing your contact lenses.

      Order your Dahab contact lenses today and experience the difference!

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      dahab contact lenses ( gold smokey )

      • ADORE Contact Lenses
      • Lenses Per Box: 2
      • Replacement Schedule: 3 Month
      • Material: 62% Polymacon
      • Water Content: 38%

      Dahab, One Day


      2 Lenses

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