FreshLook, Colorblends, Turquoise

FreshLook Colorblends Turquoise

From: EGP 500

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  • Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Turquoise

    FreshLook Colorblends Turquoise

    From: EGP 500

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      Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Turquoise

      FreshLook Colorblends Turquoise

      From: EGP 500

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      Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Turquoise:


      If you want a great option to add a touch of sparkle to your eyes,
      Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Turquoise are the best.


      Whether you have bright, dark, or brown eyes naturally,
      Freshlook contact lenses can gently bring out the best in you for a dramatic makeover. 


      Features of Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Turquoise:


      • Above all stunning turquoise lens color.
      • There are multiple powers.
      • Made using excellent materials.
      • Enough flexibility to allow for regular usage.
      • Base curve: 8.6mm.
      • Diameter: 14.5mm.
      • In addition to water content: 55%.
      • Package: 2 lenses.

      Comfortable: These lenses offer remarkable comfort throughout the day thanks to their hydrogel
      polymer structure and high water content.
      Your eyes will stay moisturized and refreshed if you allow them to breathe naturally.

      Replacement Schedule: You can have a clean, fresh experience every time you use the Freshlook contact lenses,
      which is designed to be changed once a month.

      You can explore more colored lenses like Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Blue
      Freshlook contact lenses Colorblends Sterling Grey

      Versatility: Freshlook contact lenses can be worn for special occasions as well as everyday wear.


      How to Use: 


      Freshlook contact lens prescription and removal are easy to use.
      Just remember to follow the directions that came with your lenses.

      To prevent smearing your contact lenses,  you can wash your hands before handling them.


      Safety Information:


      • Wearing contact lenses for longer than twelve hours a day is not recommended.
      • After that, lens cleaning and sterilization are made possible by Renu Multiplus Solution 240, a daily treatment.
      • Finally, any discomfort or agitation should prompt you to take off your contacts and schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.

      Order your Freshlook contact lenses now to bring out your natural looks and attract attention to your eyes!

      Check our social media platforms for more exciting stuff. 



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