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Lorans Kadet Blue

EGP 700

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  • Lorans contact lenses Kadet Blue

    Lorans Kadet Blue

    EGP 700

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      Lorans contact lenses Kadet Blue

      Lorans Kadet Blue

      EGP 700

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      Lorans Contact Lenses Kadet Blue:


      Look and feel your best with lorans contact lenses Kadet blue.

      The lenses feature a soft, blue color and give your eyes a sparkling look whereas these lenses
      are very comfortable to wear, even for long durations.

      High-Quality: You can wear your Lorans contact lenses with confidence knowing that they are both safe
      and cozy throughout your day.

      Lenses Color: Even if you have dark or bright eyes, you can get an amazing blue lens
      that is a good choice for you and makes them fit for use both during your day and at night.

      Discover more colored lenses like lorans contact lenses Kadet grey
      lorans contact lenses Kadet navy.


      Features of Lorans Contact Lenses Kadet Blue:

      • Bright blue color.
      • Brightens and enhances your eyes.
      • Available in prescription powers.
      • Made with premium materials.
      • Safe and comfortable to wear throughout the day.
      • Base curve: 8.6mm.
      • Diameter: 14.2mm.
      • In addition to water content: 43%.

      How to Use:

      The Lorans contact lenses Kadet blue are simple to put on and take off.

      Just commit to the directions that are included with your lenses.

      Before handling your contact lenses, always wash your hands, and always store them in a new contact lens solution.


      Care and Storage:


      • Clean your contact lenses with Renu Multiplus Solution 240 and use your fingertips to carefully
        wipe away any dirt after each wear.
      • For the rest of the night, your lenses need to be soaked in contact lens solution and stored in a fresh lens case.
      • After that, make sure that every three months, the lens case is changed.



      • If your eyes hurt or are irritated, take out your contacts immediately and see an eye doctor.
      • Also, wearing contact lenses for longer than is necessary is not advised.
      • Finally, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses to bed.

      Order your Lorans contact lenses Kadat blue now to bring out your natural looks
      and attract attention to your eyes!

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