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Lorans Kadet Caramel

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  • Lorans contact lenses Kadet Caramel

    Lorans Kadet Caramel

    EGP 700

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      Lorans contact lenses Kadet Caramel

      Lorans Kadet Caramel

      EGP 700

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      Lorans Contact Lenses Kadet Caramel:


      Boost your confidence and change your eye color with Lorans contact lenses Kadet Caramel.

      The gentle caramel color of the lenses makes your eyes appear bright,
      and they are very comfortable to wear even for extended periods.

      High-Quality: You can wear your Lorans contact lenses with confidence
      knowing that they are
      made with high-quality materials and feature a comfortable design,
      making them perfect for you for everyday wear.

      Lenses Color: Enjoy having a new eye color, in addition, you can get an amazing caramel lens
      that is a good option for you and makes them fit for use both during your day and at night.

      Lorans contact lenses are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural eye color,
      giving you a subtle and natural-looking enhancement.

      Look out for more colored lenses like lorans contact lenses Kadet pearl
      lorans contact lenses Kadet navy.


      Features of Lorans Contact Lenses Kadet Caramel:


      • Bright caramel color.
      • Enhances your eyes.
      • Available in prescription powers.
      • Made with premium materials.
      • Safe and comfortable to wear throughout the day.
      • Base curve: 8.6mm.
      • Diameter: 14.2mm.
      • Water content: 43%.

      Comfortable and Breathable Hydrogel Material: Lorans contact lenses are made with a soft
      and breathable hydrogel material that allows oxygen to flow through the lens,
      keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy all day long.

      Easy to Insert and Remove: You can easily insert and remove your Lorans contact lenses
      Kadat caramel because of its thin and flexible design that makes them easy to insert and remove,
      even for beginners.

      Available in Both Prescription and Non-Prescription Options: Whether you need vision correction
      or simply want to change your eye color.

      Lorans contact lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription options to meet your needs.

      Order your lorans contact lenses Kadat caramel now to bring out your natural looks
      and attract attention to your eyes!

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