Soflens Toric Lenses -

Soflens Toric Lenses

Original price was: EGP 900.Current price is: EGP 800.

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The Soflens Toric for Astigmatism clear contact lenses are for you if you are looking to  wear corrective lenses because of astigmatism. The irregular eye curvature which defines Astigma may have made the location of contact lenses challenging across history, however the Accelerated Stabilization Mechanism of Soflens Toric  technology solves this. If you blink or turn your eyeballs, these lenses won’t spin rapidly. When exercising, you won’t worry about a hazy vision. The  technology aims to limit misting and prevent discomfort in your eyes. Soflens Toric  astigmatism lenses can assist improve the vision for people suffering from astigmatism.

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  • Soflens Toric Lenses

    Soflens Toric Lenses

    Original price was: EGP 900.Current price is: EGP 800.

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      Soflens Toric Lenses

      Soflens Toric Lenses

      Original price was: EGP 900.Current price is: EGP 800.

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      Soflens Toric lenses:

      SofLens Toric lenses are monthly disposable contact lenses designed with soft material that contains 46% water,
      which helps to keep your eyes moist and comfortable to correct astigmatism from

      Advantages of Soflens Toric lenses:

      Stable and consistent vision: Soflens Toric lenses are designed accurately to help you to prevent blurring
      or fluctuation of vision, you will also have a clear and consistent vision throughout your day.

      Compatibility with Different Lifestyles: You can wear Soflens Toric in your daily activities
      whereas it can provide you clear and stable vision. 

      Wide range of parameters: You can find Soflens Toric in different powers and wide range parameters.
      You can get lenses that meet your specific needs.

      Comfortable wear: Soflens Toric lenses are made from a soft and breathable material.
      These materials allow an amount of oxygen to reach the cornea, to make your eyes comfortable. 

      UV Protection: These lenses provide an additional layer of protection for your eyes against the sun’s harmful radiation. 

      You can find and choose more lenses from Ewink such as Biomedics Toric Lenses and new colored lenses from here

      Safety Precautions When Using Lenses:

      • Consult an ophthalmologist for your eyes safety.
      • Replace your lenses every month, or as your doctor determined.
      • Don’t wear your lenses while sleeping.
      • Follow the wearing schedule.
      • Make sure to check on the expiry date of the lenses.  
      • Store your lenses in a clean and dry case when you are not wearing them.

      Consider These Points Before Using lenses:

      • Wash your hands and dry them carefully.
      • Do not wear lenses if you see any scratches, or other damage on them.
      • Make sure to get your prescription from an ophthalmologist.

      Features Of  Soflens Toric:

      • Clear and sharp vision.
      • Comfortable all day wear.
      • Stable on your eye.
      • Available in a variety of prescriptions and power strengths.

      If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable way to correct astigmatism,
      order your lenses now and enjoy a clear and comfortable vision. 


      • Authorized Bausch + Lomb Retailer
      • Lenses Per Box: 6
      • Replacement Schedule: Monthly
      • Material: 54% samfilcon A
      • Water Content: 46%

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