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Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lens

EGP 600


Box of 3 contact lenses

Zeiss Day 30 Spheric – Daily wear hydrogel contact lenses with monthly replacement.

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  • Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lens

    EGP 600

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      Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lens

      EGP 600

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       Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lenses are designed to correct your vision problems if you have nearsightedness and sensitive eyes.

      Advantages of Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lenses:

      First; Visual Acuity: You can enjoy a clear and sharp vision,
      these lenses are able to correct refractive errors and improve your visual acuity.

      Second; Comfort: You can wear Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lenses
      all day with comfort and extended wear throughout the day.
      It has a high water content (54%) for comfort and ease of use.

      Third; Wide Range of Parameters: You can find Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lenses with a wide range
      of parameters so you can choose the suitable lenses for you.

      Forth; High Oxygen Permeability: These lenses are made from high-quality materials
      that allow a high amount of oxygen to reach your cornea,
      provide you with better eye health and ensure comfort and easy wear throughout your day.

      Fifth; Easy Handling: Lenses are made from high-quality materials and are easy to use,
      so you can insert, remove, and clean them simply.

      Finally; Packaging: You can get Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lenses with per box, each box contains 6 lenses.

      Safety Precautions And Considerations When Using Lenses:

      • Consult an ophthalmologist for your eye’s safety.
      • Monthly lenses should be replaced every month to ensure optimal vision.
      • Do not share your lenses with others.
      • Check the expiry date of the lenses.  
      • Avoid sleeping with lenses.
      • Keep your lenses away from water.

      Consider These Points Before Using Lenses:

      • Make sure that your hands are clean and dry.
      • Don’t use lenses when noticing any damage.
      • Ensure that your lenses are stable inside your eyes. 
      • Cleaning and storing your lenses properly.

      Characteristics of Zeiss Spheric monthly contact lenses

      • Monthly Replacement Schedule.
      • Moreover, it includes UV Protection.
      •  Also, it allows extended wear without discomfort or dryness.
      • The materials are typically soft and flexible, providing a comfortable fit on the eye.
      • High-quality material.
      • Excellent moisture content.
      • Suitable for sensitive eyes.


      Order your lenses now, and enjoy a clear and safe vision. 


      • Authorized Bausch + Lomb Retailer
      • Lenses Per Box: 6
      • Replacement Schedule: Monthly
      • Material: 54% samfilcon A
      • Water Content: 46%



      3 Lenses

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